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When I was a child I discovered the paintings of Claude Monet. All these years later when I go to visit Water Lilies at the CMA and stand in front of the 14 foot canvas, I still find it difficult to understand such beauty, craftsmanship, and detail. That, to me, is good work. And while I will never be Monet, I strive to create work that makes you fall in love with it. I want it to be your Water Lilies.

Master’s Reflective Journaling – Week 1

The first week of my masters program: over! I always knew I wanted to go back to school for another degree, I just never knew when or for what...although the hope for the last few years was for UXD. Anyway, for my course we're required to write a post about the class...

Planner Peace – Part 1

There's this joke in the planner community (yes, the planner community is a real thing) about finding your "planner peace." They system that makes you the most happy, productive, comfortable, warm and fuzzy, etc. I've had a planner (in the form of a monthly calendar...

A New Stage

I've written once in the last year not because my love of writing/blogging/rambling has gone away. It's because of life. So many things have started or come to an end in 2017 it amazes me. I unexpectedly left my job that I loved for a new adventure that came my way....