The renewal process for one of MRI's core products needed to be re-defined per client requests and partner changes.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Interaction Design  


I have been working with clients and partners to update a cumbersome feature of one of MRI’s core products. This includes working with some of our top clients to define requirements and partners who are integrated into our software for constraints.



Steakholder Insights & Ideation

I worked with integrated partners and clients to understand requirements for a consolidated renewal process.

Strategy & Vision

I created multiple sets of wireframes showing different approaches for the same process. For each set, they were scaled back from ideal to what was deemed possible by both development teams.

Planning & Scope

I helped define initial requirements for this project and set priority for features for development. With two teams involved, ours and a partners, we had to align on timing and goal.


I presented designs to designs to partners, our largest clients, and internal teams throughout the project lifecycle.



Renewals is already a core workflow in Residential Management (RM). With changing technology on an integrated partner’s end, increased client demand for a more consolidated workflow across properties, and a time constraint on our side, I worked with both groups to find what was required and what was possible between all three parties.

The true challenge was understanding what our largest clients wanted out of this process which turned out to be many different things. Over the years clients had made customizations to the base workflow to tailor it for their individual needs. This meant I had to scope out each component, decide it’s impact on different areas, and then continually present a refined workflow that was a balance between need and ability to produce.


I had many early discussions with a partner of ours who we already integrate into our software. Their application, LRO, optimizes rents and has a push-pull relationship with RM. We discussed planned changes they had for their own application and how we would consume those changes. We also discussed possible improvement to the current process we have been planning. If we accelerated those, would our partner be able to adapt their application as well?

At the same time, we started talking to our largest clients about how they use the renewals process today. Because of such a high volume of units, they all required (and had customized to a degree) a consolidated or centralized process for themselves. It was my task to discover each clients individual needs through one-on-one calls with their users and managers.

I took client input, planned feature updates, and development constraints into consideration when I started designing a new bulk renewals process. We validated the designs first with our largest clients and then took it to the regular working group.



With finishing this project all of our clients, both large and small, have access to a consolidated workflow. This was a huge efficiency gain over having to view each worksheet one by one. This project also improved the individual units grid by removing clutter from the page and making it easier to interact with the most important information.