Looking Ahead :: 2017

Dec 7, 2016 | Personal

It’s December 7 and I don’t even want to recap 2016. I will eventually, offline and privately on a quiet weekend, but let’s just say if 2015 was the “best year ever”, 2016 was “the busiest year ever”.

Between work, my business, AIGA, Women in Tech, and life (oh life) I spent the last 9 months or so just trying to keep my head above water. There have been so many highlights (and lowlights) this year but I’m so thankful for where I am in life right now. Despite everything I still feel like my life is thriving and is moving in the direction I want it to.

I firmly believe that 2015 was my “best year ever” because I kept telling myself it would be. I forced myself to stay positive and to keep moving forward and course correcting along the way. So what will 2017 bring? I’m not sure yet although I always have a lot planned for January. But here’s the thing…2017 can’t be a repeat of 2016. While 2016 was great it was also stressful and stress robs me (and my loved ones) of happiness. So I want to start 2017 with a plan…and here’s the crazy thing…the plan is to REFINE.

I spent the year on a mission to prove to myself that I can do it all. That I can have everything I want if I work for it. That I am the super woman that people want to be. And I have achieved that for myself. Yes, I be involved in 100 things and work a full time job…yes I can run a business on the side…yes I can travel and see friends…yes I can find time to make dinner every night and workout.

Now it’s time to focus and refine. I can do everything…but do I want to do everything? When you’re strapped for time the things that you care about the most become wholly evident because they’re the things you make time for. What are those things in my life? Am I serving each thing I do with my entire heart? Can I do more? Or should I gracefully exit the stage and let someone more passionate take over?

I’m so very much looking forward to 2017 because I’ll have a plan. I’ll have my goals laid out as I always do and a refined time management and organization system. I want next year to be successful. I want to reach my goals, make a difference in my community, and continue to connect with the people and things I care most about.

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