I am a Cleveland dwelling designer and creative consultant. More specifically I am a senior user experience designer, co-founder of Northeast Ohio Women in Tech (NEOWIT) and Director of Events for UXPA Cleveland.

I am also a world-traveler, lover of news, technology, and brunch. I have a love-hate relationship with every season but spring. I’m painfully shy but when I tell people that they’re usually surprised because I try really hard to not be shy. Fast food and reading magazines are my secret guilty pleasures. Cats. Don’t get me started on cats. I’m obsessed. I’m also allergic and own none. I recently purchased my first home (wooo home ownership!) and love putting extra letters on words for emphasis.


Copper (formerly Aughtonburgh) was born in 2012 as I had freshly come back from Europe with a fire in my heart in my heart to do one thing: Live a life I love.

I wanted to find what would motivate me to get up early in the morning and stay awake a little longer at night. What was the thing or idea out there I was passionate about? And while there are many things I could answer that question with, it always came back to design and photography. Making usable, beautiful things.

So this is the home of my side projects turned side hustle. I’m passionate enough about design and photography that I built this company out of love. I felt compelled to.

I’ve found a life I love. It’s being a designer. A creative. It is Copper CLE.